What’s cooking at PIXILAB?

Yea, I know, you’re supposed to write something on your blog once in a blue moon. But you know how these things go. And I’ve been busy over at PIXILAB. Sorry!

We started by bringing out a brand new product based on the idea of having more memorable and fun conferences and other similar gatherings. That product, called PIXILAB Moments, was used in public for the first time a year ago, and has since found its way into numerous events both large and small (the largest one so far being a corporate event where they wanted to run a lottery involving some 2000 people, just two days ago). Learn more about Moments over on the PIXILAB site.

Meanwhile, we’ve also been consulting on lots of other installations and projects, often calling for specialized solutions. Sometimes in relation to WATCHOUT, sometimes not. But usually it had something to do with displays, content, presentations, interactivity, mobile devices, sensors, controlling things over the network, and such. Over the now almost two years since we started PIXILAB, this toolkit has grown into quite an extensive and powerful “bag of tricks”.

All this also gave us a lot of valuable experience in many areas. We got to field test (and debug 😉) our toolkit, and find interesting ways to combine all the various pieces to make them even more powerful when used together.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked furiously trying to turn this toolkit into a product that someone else could actually use, along with all related documentation, training and marketing material, and so on. So now I’m sooo happy to finally be able to present to you PIXILAB Blocks. Make sure to check it out!

Happy Christmas!